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State Grant Sparks Resident Buy-In, Revitalizes Neighborhood

Shingle street photo compliments of Flickr user Lorenzo Langiardi


Milledgeville, GA—On the northwest corner of Grimes Avenue and North Elbert Street, Mary Alice Samuels says people compliment her all the time on the progress they see happening at her home and throughout her Northeast Milledgeville neighborhood.


Decorating On A Dime Part 1

Decorating On A Dime Part 1

In today's economy you may think you cannot afford that decorating project or be able to  remodel a room in your home, but I'm here to tell you, YES YOU CAN! We just rebuilt our kitchen on a dime. Living on a fixed income meant we had to be careful with our already strained budget.

We started by comparing our options. For the walls,floors and the ceiling we went with OSB instead of drywall or paneling. This saved us hundreds of dollars. To prepare the osb we primed it first with Kiltz ( the cheapest at Wal-Mart, any primer will do.) Then chose Color Place (Lemonade slush at Wal-Mart) for the walls, to lighten up our dark small kitchen.

March First Friday: 'I'rish I Was Downtown'

Milledgeville's second First Friday is scheduled for Friday, March 4 with the theme: “I’rish I was

The First Fridays Committee, has planned a First Friday Art Walk planned, a Digital Bridges news release says.

The focus of First Fridays is to celebrate the diversity of art in Milledgeville: painting, drawing, ceramics, music, theatre,
photography, literature, culinary and so much more. Roughly 40 downtown merchants will be
participating by inviting artists to display their talents in their businesses.

Salmander Springs Farm Hosts Homestead Tour

A guided tour of Salamander Springs Farm, a 50-acre homestead owned by Debby Waugh will take place February 25 at 10:30 a.m. Waugh will conduct the tour.

The homestead has been in development 15 years, since Waugh first bought the land, a Davis Farms news release says.

The entire homestead is an "off the grid" homestead, using solar power and conservation techniques to reduce the footprint of the homestead. Debby is a Certified Permaculturist, and has hosted over 300 volunteers since she first started.

Carpools from Roberta and Macon will be organized.

If you plan on attending and are interested in carpooling e-mail Naomi at davisfarmssa@aol.com with your location and if you are willing to use your vehicle and how many it will hold.