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Broun's New 'Opponent': Charles Darwin

ATLANTA (AP) - A Georgia congressman running unopposed for re-election now faces a write-in campaign that pits him against the father of evolution, Charles Darwin.
Republican Rep. Paul Broun is dealing with backlash after he was videotaped last month at a Baptist church banquet denouncing evolution, embryology and the Big Bang theory as "lies straight from the pit of hell."
Outraged faculty at the University of Georgia, which is in Broun's district, signed a letter defending the sciences. Atlanta talk radio host Neal Boortz, who's popular among Georgia conservatives, first proposed writing-in Darwin. He says Broun's remarks make Republicans look like "Neanderthals."
The laws of political science say Broun will likely win re-election. He has no Democratic opponent. And a Facebook page promoting "Darwin for Congress" has attracted just a few dozen supporters.

On This Day: President Reagan's 1984 Visit to Macon

Almost 30 years ago, Georgia was a Presidential campaign battleground and the midstate was a key player.

First, contenders for the Democratic nomination came to Central Georgia to woo voters. Former astronaut John Glenn stumped in Milledgeville and civil rights leader Jesse Jackson came to Macon, but both men would ultimately lose the bid to Walter Mondale.

On October 15, 1984, the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, held a rally on the steps of Macon City Hall to campaign for a second term in office.

We dug deep in our archives to find footage of that big day.

The President was greeted by Mayor George Israel, only the second Republican in the city's history to hold that office, and the event was emceed by Atlanta Braves knuckleball legend Phil Niekro. The Gatlin Brothers Band performed and school children filled the crowd to hear what "The Great Communicator" had to say.

Here's an excerpt from Reagan's speech to the people of Macon:

Barrow-Anderson Race Tests How Much Party Matters

SAVANNAH (AP) - Democratic Rep. John Barrow is trying to distance himself from President Barack Obama to offset efforts by his Republican opponent to paint them as political soul mates.

Lee Anderson, a state lawmaker and farmer from Grovetown, officially became Barrow's GOP challenger this week after a protracted primary that had to be settled by an August runoff and a recount Wednesday. Anderson talks of campaigning against both Barrow and Obama as if they're running mates in Georgia's 12th District.

Barrow is running TV ads to counter that message. In one he says: "When the president's right for Georgia, I support him. When he's not, I don't."

Runoff Results | Baldwin Commissioner, District 2 Democrats

Runoff Results | Baldwin Commissioner, District 2 Democrats

Tommy Lee French leads with 67 percent of the vote, all precincts reporting.

That's a win with 298 votes.



Check back here for periodic updates on the election results as we receive them.

12:37 a.m.

  • Middle Georgia T-SPLOST: (Includes Bibb, Houston, Jones, Monroe, Crawford, Peach, Pulaski, Twiggs, Wilkinson, Baldwin, Putnam counties):  

No has 56 percent of the vote with 73 percent of precincts reporting.

  • Central Savannah T-SPLOST: (Includes Hancock and Washington Counties):

Yes has 54 percent of the vote with 69 percent of precincts reporting.

  • Heart of Georgia T-SPLOST: (includes Laurens, Johnson, Treutlen, Wheeler, Telfair, Dodge, Bleckley and Wilcox counties):

Yes has 52 percent of the vote with 76 percent of precincts reporting.

  • River Valley T-SPLOST: (includes Taylor, Macon and Dooly counties):

Yes leads with 54 percent, 81 percent of precincts reporting.



Baldwin County Results:

Baldwin BOE District 2: Harold Simmons: 66 percent of the vote, all precincts reporting.

Baldwin Commissioner District 2, Democrats: John Ross has 31 percent, Linda Fussell has 35 percent and Tommy Lee French has 34 percent.

Baldwin Commissioner District 5, Republicans: John Westmoreland has 60 percent of the vote, all precincts reporting.

ELECTION RESULTS | 12th Congressional District

ELECTION RESULTS | 12th Congressional District

Check back here for periodic updates on the election results as we receive them.

10:31 p.m.: Lee Anderson has 34 percent of the vote, 58 percent of precincts reporting. Rick Allen has 26 percent, Wright McLeod has 24 percent and Maria Sheffield has 16 percent.

7:47 p.m. First results start to roll in for the 12th Congressional District: Lee Anderson leads by 48% with 3 precincts reporting. Still awaiting 97 precincts' votes.

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