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Students complain to city about Milledgeville bar

The group called 'Boycott Capital' say they're continuing their fight against a Milledgeville bar they call racist.

Tuesday evening, they presented their claims against Capital City Bar in front of Milledgeville's Mayor and Council.

"When I was a sophomore at Georgia College in 2011, I was denied 3 times based on my outfit and appearance," said student Keri Pompey.

He says that experience left him enraged at Capital City Bar. He claims the sole reason he wasn't let in was his skin color.

"Because I was wearing the same things my classmates were wearing," said Pompey.

He says he joined the group Boycott Capital to fight the injustice.

Another member, Megan Goetz, presented to city officials, testimonies from students who claim they were discriminated against.

Baldwin county residents discuss consolidation

People curious about what a consolidated government in Baldwin County would look like attended a unification forum.

Some in favor, some against, came to listen to a panel and learn how their lives would be affected.

Supporters of the proposed charter say it will bring more businesses and increase economic growth.

"By merging everything together, it will become more cost-efficient. We would have one police department, one water department, one fire department," said Baldwin County Representative Rusty Kidd.

But those against the charter say the economic growth supporters talk of are not proven.

"These are just hopes and dreams they're passing on to the community in hopes of getting this initiative passed," said Gregory Barnes, chair of the committee opposing the charter.

GMC students experience flight in Black Hawk helicopters

More than 300 Milledgeville students took flight Thursday afternoon.

Two Sikorsky UH-60s landed at Georgia Military College.

You probably know them as Black Hawk helicopters.

According to college president General William Caldwell, most of the students plan to go into the military when they graduate.

He says they need to get a taste of what the military goes through on a daily basis.

"We have kids out there today who have not even been in an airplane before in their entire life. Their first aerial flight is in a Black Hawk helicopter, with the doors open, moving at about 120 knots up there in the air banking at about a 60 degree turn. I mean, they're getting a real feel for what it's like to be someone serving in the Armed Forces," says Caldwell.

Interim CEO of Oconee Regional Medical Center resigns

Randy Hoover, who was appointed interim chief executive officer of Oconee Regional Medical Center in July, announced his resignation Tuesday.

The Board of Directors said in a statement Wednesday they accepted Hoover's resignation. They said other candidates are already being interviewed for the role.

One resignation after another has been announced and accepted due to the financial challenges the hospital has faced over the last few years. Several doctors in the area also expressed their concerns when ORMC laid off about a dozen people in May.

Jean Aycock, who was the CEO of the hospital, resigned in May. The chief financial officer, Brenda Qualls, resigned in August.

Kidd proposes wounded war-vet community at Milledgeville hospital

Five years after its doors closed to patients, State Representative Rusty Kidd wants a wounded war veterans community at Central State Hospital's campus in Milledgeville. Officials at the Governor's office say Kidd submitted a request for $150,000 to hire a consultant who would put a plan together.

City of Milledgeville receives grant for sewer improvements

City of Milledgeville receives grant for sewer improvements

A coomunity development block grant amounting to $500,000 was awarded to Milledgeville by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

The city will use the money for overhauling the sewer system in the Pine Avenue area.

Milledgeville man arrested after boaters shot at on lake

A Milledgeville man was arrested Sunday after three people said they were shot at while fishing in a boat in a cove of Admiralty Way.