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Miniature donkey receives support after pit bull attack | News

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Miniature donkey receives support after pit bull attack


Lisa Thigpen and her husband, Johnny, own four goats as pets that also act as playmates to their two grandchildren.

This past Mother's Day, Lisa received a new animal to protect her goats: a miniature donkey named Grady. But last Saturday, Grady was badly injured.



Thigpen says two dogs, believed to be pit bulls, got into her yard and mauled Grady's face.

"There was (nothing) left on the side of his face and his ear was just hanging on by a thread.," she said.

Thigpen's husband shot both dogs. One died and the other was injured, but it got away. Grady is undergoing treatment at Piedmont Equine Associates in Madison, Ga.

"He did his job that day, because none of the goats were touched," Thigpen said while holding back tears.

She says she hasn't been able to find the owners of the dogs. To house Grady at the animal hospital, Thigpen says it costs $200 a night before adding medical expenses.

"It's just about impossible, when you have that exorbant of a vet bill to pay it by yourself," said Paula Barnes, the owner and founder of House Dreams Youth Ranch.

To help the Thigpens, Barnes created a GoFundMe account to raise money to pay for Grady's treatment. Within one week, she has raised nearly $1,000. Besides helping with medical bills, Barnes will keep Grady at her ranch once he is well enough to leave the hospital.

"For us to be able to turn around and offer a blessing to someone else is what it's all about," she said.

The Zaxby's on North Columbia Street in Milledgeville is also helping out.

This Wednesday, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., 10 percent of their sales will go towards the Horse Dreams Youth Ranch.

The Ranch will then use the money to help pay for Grady's treatment. You can donate to a GoFundMe account for Grady through the Horse Dreams Youth Ranch Facebook page here.



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