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Kidd proposes wounded war-vet community at Milledgeville hospital | News

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Kidd proposes wounded war-vet community at Milledgeville hospital

Five years after its doors closed to patients, State Representative Rusty Kidd wants a wounded war veterans community at Central State Hospital's campus in Milledgeville. Officials at the Governor's office say Kidd submitted a request for $150,000 to hire a consultant who would put a plan together.

Peter Boylan, veteran and former Georgia Military College President, knows exactly what it's like to be on the front lines. "I was an infantryman for 31 years. I had about 3 years of people shooting at me and I retired in 1992 as a major General," said Boylan. 

"I suffered from PTSD back then, but I didn't realize that that was a disease back then and so I have an appreciation for the sacrifices that these young men and women make," said Boylan. 

State Representative Rusty Kidd says he's proposing a wounded war veterans community at Central State Hospital. Something Boylan says would benefit those who have put their lives on the line for our freedom. "I have an appreciation for the sacrifices these young men and women make, and I think this country owes them something beyond the pittance that they're paid," said Boylan.

Kidd says Central State is an ideal place to build and says it would give back to vets and breathe some life back into the former hospital campus, which is now mostly empty. "You got the Powell building here that could be converted into condos or big apartments. You've got acreage over here that we could hope that something like an extended stay Marriott could be built to house the family members and loved ones who were being treated," said Kidd. 

Kidd says he's not sure how much the entire project would cost since it's in its early stages.  He hopes that private donors would pay most of the cost. "Companies that would love to contribute money to something warm and fuzzy to do good by veterans, but they don't have a good place to put it," said Kidd. 

Kidd hopes to hear from Governor Nathan Deal by January about hiring a consultant to get the ball rolling. 

He says it would include in-hospital treatment, specialized treatment for brain injuries, orthopedic injuries and a three-phase nursing home. Kidd says he's not sure how many people could be housed at the development, or what it would cost, But he estimated that it would create around 1,000 jobs. 





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