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Man sentenced to life without parole in Monroe double homicide | News

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Man sentenced to life without parole in Monroe double homicide

CORRECTION: This story originally incorrectly identified the gas station where the victims met their killers. It happened at the Marathon Gas Station on Riverside Drive, North Macon.


Marquez Martin was sentenced to life without parole on Thursday afternoon in Monroe County.

He was found guilty of murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault and violating Georgia's gang act. Martin was involved in the deaths of Russell Jacobs and James Pittman Wood in May of 2013.

Prosecutors say Martin and three other people met the victims at a Marathon Gas station on Riverside Drive gas station and drove them to Woods' home near Juliette. They say Jordan Maxwell robbed and killed the men and Martin helped. 

Sapp described a struggle between Jordan Maxwell and James Pittman Wood over a gun. Sapp told the jury Martin saw the struggle, aimed a gun at Wood and told him to let Maxwell go. That's when Maxwell shot and killed Wood.

District Attorney Richard Milam says the jury deliberated for about an hour and a half. Milam also said Martin looked unhappy when the verdict was read. He says his mother was also upset, but he said the family of the victims got some closure.

The first witness James Paul Wood, told the jury Monday how he found the bodies. Then, Gene Jacobs described the last thing he said to his son Russell. He told him to be careful.

Da-Von Sapp also testified on Monday. He's one of the people involved in the crime. He accepted a plea deal and is serving time in prison for armed robbery.


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