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Come On Milledgeville Let's Get Healthy Together! | Families

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Come On Milledgeville Let's Get Healthy Together!
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Come On Milledgeville Let's Get Healthy Together!

We know that many of us are over weight and that there are many reasons why.

At the end of this article I will give you several free web sites that will help you a lot on your journey to a new and better you.

Now it's time to make a change for a better healthier you. Notice I said CHANGE. I do not want you to think of this as a diet!

This will be a life change!

Start small making little changes that will make a huge difference later in your life.

Work on one thing your first week.

I quit eating candy my first week. Then think about other changes you can make later. Don't make more than two changes at a time or you will be over-whelmed and set yourself up for failure. Start a journal and track what you eat throughout the day. Make realistic goals, the smaller the better. I have a lot of weight to lose, but I am only concentrating on ten pounds at a time. This way you will see more results faster and won't get discouraged looking at a bigger number

Your second week think about portion control.

I started by saying no to seconds. If you are still hungry and have to have seconds, choose a vegetable or fruit. This small change will allow you to lose between two-ten pounds this week. Giving up sodas will help a lot too. Walmart sells lemonade and grape drinks that are only 5 calories a glass and they're pretty good too, especially in this heat wave.

Week three we will get even more serious about portion control.

Read the labels of everything you eat, I bet you will be as surprised as me to see what a serving is. Until you get use to a healthy amount, measure your food. You will get use to the right amounts and won't have to measure everything really soon. There is a great article on portion control at sparkpeople.com

I also want you to think of moving more this week.

Again start small, walk around your yard at first or go to your favorite store and walk around. In Milledgeville we have the beautiful Oconee River Greenway a nice place to get exercise and enjoy the river and great outdoors. Only do ten minutes at a time or what ever feels comfortable and add five minutes gradually. I would also only get active every other day at first. You can build gradually until you reach your goal. Starting SMALL is the key!

I will blog each week tips, recipes and my own journey with weight loss and life changes.

Please feel free to catch me on Facebook if I can help you start your journey or answer questions you may have. After each site I will include my username join me and we can make a life change, get healthy and lose weight together!

All of these are excellent free sites to help you on your journey to become healthier, happier and a new you. Please look me up!

facebook.com  username: Rachon Hooker Ward

sparkpeople.com   username:eatingless4me

challenge.meyouhealth.com/   username Rachon Ward

myfitnesspal.com/  username:peachereader



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