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Hancock man says trash dumping site is too far | Environment

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Hancock man says trash dumping site is too far
Hancock man says trash dumping site is too far

One man in Hancock county says government officials need to do better about fixing the trash problem. He said he's now having to dump his trash in Baldwin County.

Ricky Turner says he's never had trash picked up from his home, but has only had to drive about 2 miles to a trash site in Hancock County in the past.

Turner pointed to a map to show the distance between his home and the new dumping site. He said "these people here, including myself, have to drive one way anywhere from 5 to 15 miles"

There is no trash pick up in the entire county. Hancock County Clerk Borderick Foster said trash pick up is too expensive for the county. He explained why they decided to move to Baldwin County.

"The former site was a mess. But we have improved the condition drastically. We took over a trash site in Baldwin County that was closed," says Foster.

The former site was neither gated or under constant supervision, unlike the one in Baldwin County. Pictures from the old site show trash overflowing out of the dumpsters.

"They had people going in busting up, getting cans out of people's trash. When they would bust it up they would never dump it back in the dumpsters at all," says Turner.

Turner wants the county to either offer trash pick-up, or establish a more convenient dumping site.

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