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Mayor Bentley At His Best! | Community Spirit

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Mayor Bentley At His Best!
Mayor Bentley At His Best!

When Mayor Bentley said: "We welcome you to visit and enjoy Milledgeville, and ask you to stay awhile. I believe once you experience our grand city you won't want to leave. Contact our offices at City Hall and we will be happy to serve you," he meant it. This week Mayor Bentley made a little boy's day.

George a student with Georgia Cyber Academy hosted nine K12 Flat Travelers. He took them all around Milledgeville taking pictures of our many lovely buildings and history rich signs. He wants to teach his K12 families all about Milledgeville, it's history and it's true southern hospitality. He wanted to know if we thought Mayor Bentley would allow him a photo. My husband responded immediately with : I don't think so. He is a very busy and important person" My response was " There is only one way to find out, just ask, all he can do is say no." "You won't know unless you try" So away we went.

We found Mayor Bentley in his office and explained our request. Then we explained K12 Flat Travelers are based on the book Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown. He was so gracious with our K12 Flat Travelers (the equivalent of paper dolls. Representing the states of Utah, Oregon, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Nevada.). He treated the k12 Flat Travelers as real visitors to our fine city. He kept his word about welcoming all visitors to our city. He promoted education in a child's eye and he made a set of parents proud to say they are residents of Milledgeville.

I would like to send a special Thank You to Brittany Curry, Mrs. Anne Moore, and Mayor Bentley. Because of each one of them,  George was able to accomplish his goals. Every one  of these residents took the time out of their busy day to learn about K12 Flat Travelers and to teach George and his friends something new. They allowed their photos to be taken with George and his travelers making them each fill unique and special. This special group of children each learned the value of community pride and respect. I want to thank  each one of them for their time, patience and their understanding that something that seems so small and unimportant can be huge and valuable in a child's mind. That's what makes each one of these citizens a valuable part of Milledgeville and why Milledgeville wouldn't be the same without them.



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