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18 Milledgeville intersections getting an upgrade | Community Spirit

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18 Milledgeville intersections getting an upgrade



By Paula Rotondo 

In less than a year, 18 Milledgeville intersections will have a whole new look. They'll also include more pedestrian safety features thanks to $2.8 million from the state Department of Transportation.

Rocks are being dumped, concrete is getting ripped up, and traffic signal poles are getting replaced.

Len Burgamy, is the district engineer for the state, and says the project is about 20% complete.

He says, "The intersections are in need of an upgrade so right now you don't have your ADA compatibility and with this we have a lot of pedestrian traffic in town so it was a good time to upgrade them and also put in the new video cameras to help the traffic flow."

The $2.8 million is 80% federal, and 20% state-funded.

After being awarded the project, the Moye Electric Company from Dublin will work to update traffic lights with cameras, install countdown pedestrian signals, and put in wheelchair ramps that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Burgamy says with many of the intersections being in high pedestrian areas, the upgrades are needed.

Carlee Schulte is the Milledgeville Main Street Development Director and says she's looking forward to the work.

She says, "Rush hour is a little different than a big city in Milledgeville, but we still do have that 5 to 6 kind of when everyone is trying to get home, it will be great for Milledgeville as well as the surrounding areas."

Burgamy says, "It should help the traffic lights so called talk together that way you won't make it through one intersection just to be stopped at another."

Burgamy says they are hoping to get the intersections closest to GCSU's campus complete first before the fall semester begins and says the project should be complete by next April.

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