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Parent Workshop Hopes To Bring Education Home | News

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Parent Workshop Hopes To Bring Education Home

A small but interested group of people attended a parent workshop in Baldwin County Thursday night to learn how to turn the page in their child's education and read into what their kids are learning in the classroom.

"Just to be aware of what their students are going through. Their kids spend a lot of time in school," says parent Hope Beasley.

Beasley says even with two daughters in elementary school, she fit the parent workshop into her schedule, because she wanted to learn how to be more active in their classrooms.

"It gives the kids a sense of purpose to go to school. It helps them to realize 'it's good my parents are involved,'" she says.

Jacquelyn Bailey organized the Title I event, and she says it's all about taking learning home and building on it.

"Do what you can at the home-front, you know, by encouraging your child to go to school everyday, get your homework, be respectful," says Bailey.

Bailey says that even though the turnout this year was the lowest of the past four years, parents left with a strong message.

"It's not just about one person doing this, or one person doing that. It's all of us doing it collectively for the sake of the child," she says.

Parents who came to the workshop agree that speaker Yvonne Williams sent a strong message about parenting together.

"It's easy for us to throw in the towel and say, forget it, I'm done," says Williams. "But then somethin' about that parent perspective, it comes on us and says, you know what, I wasn't built to quit." 

And Beasely says she hopes that kind of attitude will spread throuhout the community.

Bailey says this is the first Title I parent workshop of the school year.

She says she was disappointed with the turnout, but she's hoping to reach more parents in future workshops.

Three more workshops are planned during this school year, but dates have not been set.


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