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Milledgeville community and mayor respond to drive-by shootings

13WMAZ's Paula Rotondo

talked to newly elected mayor Gary Thrower and a Georgia college professor to get their take on the rash of crime after 14 drive-by shootings within two months.

The shootings, that happened all in a little more than a month, have many people in the city of Milledgeville concerned, one of them, a Georgia College professor.

Mike Martino says, "When you hear something like that, it's just scary to think about that they're exposed to that in our own community."

Martino says it's disheartening knowing these shootings are happening not far from where thousands of students just started school.

He says, "It's people making poor decisions who really just don't care, and those are the kind of people we don't need in our community."

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12 drive-by shootings in Milledgeville

A man was found in his car in a ditch on Milledgeville's Harrisburg Road, with a gunshot wound to the stomach Tuesday afternoon.

Baldwin County Sheriff's Office Captain Brad King says two male passengers were in the vehicle with him. The side of the car was riddled with about nine bullets. King says they suspect in this shooting is likely connected to several other drive-by shootings last month.

Man injured as drive-by shooter fires 15 shots

Milledgeville police are investigating a drive-by shooting they believe is gang-related.

They got a call Monday night at Riverbend Apartments, the police department's Facebook says. When officers arrived, people there told them several men in a black Nissan Altima pulled up next to a black Ford Crown Victoria. Someone fired about fifteen shots, and both cars left, witnesses said.

A few minutes later, police say, the driver of the Crown Victoria showed up in the emergency room of Oconee Regional Medical Center with two gunshot wounds. He said the Nissan followed him for quite some time before gunfire erupted.

If you have any information, you can call the Milledgeville Police Department at (478) 414-4000.

Ken Procter to exhibit brushed powdered charcoal drawings in Milledgeville

Ken Procter to exhibit brushed powdered charcoal drawings in Milledgeville

Allied Arts invites you to an exhibition of drawings titled “Forest Tree Bird” by artist Ken Procter. An opening reception honoring the artist is scheduled for 1:00-3:00 pm on Sunday, August 16 at the John Marlor Arts Center, 201 North Wayne Street, Milledgeville. The public is invited to attend.

“Forest Tree Bird” will include landscape drawings using brushed powdered charcoal on paper. According to Procter, “Landscape is a wonderfully malleable subject—natural forms can bend and shape to fit my vision. Powdered charcoal enables my process of composition. Until the powder is fixed, I can brush it around. I can create a form, adjust it, nudge it a bit to the side, or sweep it up and start fresh. Nature’s shapes are patterned, but also exuberantly chaotic. I can splash powder across the sheet, or corral it within defined borders. I can scratch and scrape, dab, blot and blow. Drawing is my first love. Powdered charcoal enables the ecology of creation.”

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Milledgeville deadly snake hunt continues

Freddie Hartry says he's lived in Milledgeville his whole life.

But he says ever since a deadly gaboon viper was reportedly seen last week, people are nervous.

"It shocked the whole neighborhood. You know, it's a dangerous thing," he said. "Right now, the neighborhood, they're still watching, they still looking."

Venomous snake possibly sighted in Milledgeville


A woman says she saw a deadly venomous snake two days ago in Milledgeville.

Lora Brown, who reported the sighting, says she saw the reptile crossing the street.

"I saw a snake crawling on the road, and I stopped on the road to look to see if I was seeing what I was seeing, and I took a picture with my phone," said Brown.

According to Mark McKinnon with the Department of Natural Resources - Law Enforcement Division, a gaboon viper was seen near the intersection of Hairwood Drive and Harrisburg Road. McKinnon said the snake is not native to Georgia.

Baldwin County investigating seven drive-by shootings


Baldwin County investigators say a string of seven drive-by shootings in eight days may be gang related.

The latest happened Tuesday night on Harrisburg Road, where one person was hit. The shooters fired at eight different homes, according to Capt. Brad King of the sheriff's office. He says most of those homes were not the target. He believes the shootings are linked and says his team is busy gathering evidence.

"We collected 50 or 60 Shell casings. We've recovered projectiles from eight different houses. Each of these homes were occupied. Sometimes with as many as nine people," said King.