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Baldwin County says 'No' to consolidated government

Editor's note: Consolidation supporter Walter Reynolds told 13WMAZ Tuesday that he planned to put a unification charter on the ballot next year. On Wednesday, Reynolds says he misspoke. He says he expects backers will meet with consolidation opponents in the next year to work out their differences and try to draw up a better charter. He said it may take three to five years to 
a new plan on the ballot and get it approved.


Voters say they do not want the consolidation charter.

64 percent of voters in Milledgeville said 'no' and in the county, 62 percent said 'no' as well.

Industrial company bringing 80 jobs to Baldwin County

About 80 manufacturing jobs are coming to Milledgeville.

A company called Chemtex opened a plant in the Columbia Center, off Highway 441.

Baldwin County may merge law enforcement

In just one week, voters in Milledgeville and Baldwin County will decide if their two governments should become one. If the unification charter passes, it could mean combining the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office with the Milledgeville Police Department.

Baldwin County Sheriff Bill Massee says he won't publicly say if he is for or against a combined government. "We work for the individuals that vote for us in every county and we're the face of the people. It's hard for us to take a position and tell people how they should decide on their government," said Massee.

Warrants issued for suspects after Milledgeville hit and run

Warrants have been issued for two men after a hit and run that happened at the intersection of Dunlap Road and North Columbia Street in Milledgeville Saturday around 7 p.m.

According to an incident report, a blue Tahoe rear-ended a smaller car and led police on a chase to a Wendy's parking lot on North Columbia Street. The report states police saw two men, Calvin Hooks and Jamario Napier, get out of the car and flee on foot towards a neighborhood area. Police pursued the men on foot, and Hooks eventually stopped and was taken into custody.

After a search of the car, a .22 revolver was found in the back seat. The make and model of the gun was covered by a red bandanna and clear tape. The report states the gun had been fired and had to be emptied.

Miniature donkey receives support after pit bull attack


Lisa Thigpen and her husband, Johnny, own four goats as pets that also act as playmates to their two grandchildren.

This past Mother's Day, Lisa received a new animal to protect her goats: a miniature donkey named Grady. But last Saturday, Grady was badly injured.



Mini-donkey attacked by pit bulls in Baldwin Co.

Two pit bulls attacked a miniature donkey in Baldwin county Saturday afternoon. Johnny Thigpen said that his donkey Grady, was grazing with his goats the when the two dogs jumped into the pen.

"They just mauled that poor donkey," Thigpen said. "His ear was just hanging on by a thread."

Thigpen shot both of the dogs killing one and wounding the other.

They took the 150 pound, 9 month old donkey to Piedmont Equine Associates in Madison to begin Grady's healing process.

"He lost a lot of blood, so we are taking it day by day," Lisa Thigpen said.


Man arrested after car chase with Milledgeville police

Milledgeville police said they've arrested a man early Tuesday morning after a car chase.

The department posted on its Facebook page that an officer heard gunshots at about 2:30 a.m. and saw two men fighting on West Mitchell Street.

The officer confronted the men, but one got in a car and sped off. The suspect refused to pull over and eventually wrecked at the intersection of West Walton and North Clarke streets.

Officers took him into custody and recovered a stolen semi-automatic pistol from the car.