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Day Trip Destination: Georgia College Natural History Museum | News

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Day Trip Destination: Georgia College Natural History Museum

Museum Manager Ashley Quinn says,"It doesn't cost anything, it's free."

The museum is located on the ground floor of Herty Hall at Georgia College and is a free treasure of academics and research.

The circular design of the museum walks you through the life cycle of a fossil and how it's made.

The oldest fossils in the museum are 550,000,000 years old.

Quinn says the youngest fossils are "about 12 to 20,000 years old." 

Some of the artifacts came from the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. However, 80 percent of the items belong to the Georgia College family. "About two hundred students and their professors have been involved with collecting the fossils that you see." says Quinn.

She says one of the most popular spots that attracts visitors is the cave replica. She says it's a way for people to see what the inside of a water-made cave would look like.

The museum doesn't just offer a step back in time, they show you a peek into outer space.

A full-dome planetarium features a digital projection that's out of this world.  Quinn says, "We can use this like a telescope and zoom in to see planets."

Quinn says the museum is working on a Halloween event called , "A Night at the Museum."

Class field trips are welcome, teachers should call and make a reservation with the museum.

For more information on the Georgia College Natural History Museum visit their website or on Facebook



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