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You Asked, Can you hunt on Lake Sinclair? | News

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You Asked, Can you hunt on Lake Sinclair?

It's duck season and avid hunters may be on the look-out for prime spots for water fowl.
In this week's Get Answers 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet breaks down the hunting rules on Lake Sinclair.

To get answers 13WMAZ spoke to Ranger Jeremy Reese with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources office at Lake Sinclair. 

Reese says you can hunt on Lake Sinclair, but you need a few things first.  "You need a general hunting license, you need a hit permit, which is free, and you also need a federal duck stamp which you can obtain at any post office." explains Reese.  

There's also a rule on distance.
"You have to hunt 300 feet or 100 yards from any man-made structure, any dock, road, bridge, marina, boat ramp, or any other open recreation area." says Reese.

Rangers use certain tools to determine how far a boat is from a structure.
"This is a Bushnell laser range finder. It judges distance. It sends a laser out to the target and bounces back. We look through this just like a binocular, if we have a complaint about distance we use this to accurately determine how far the people are out." explains Sergeant Bo Kelly.  

And you're boat cannot be under power while hunting.
"Under power, your motor is running, propelled as a result of being under power, you can hunt if you're drifting along or floating along using a paddle." says Reese.  

Here are some other policies to follow.
Hunters must use non-toxic bullets. In other words, you can't use lead bullets.
The gun used must be adapted for three shells at a time,
and you can't hunt a baited area. 

These regulations are for Lake Sinclair and Lake Oconee.
For more information on hunting regulations on Georgia Lakes visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website.

Make sure you send in your questions so 13WMAZ can Get Answers.


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