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Down South | Southerner's Tactical Guide to Black Friday | News

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Down South | Southerner's Tactical Guide to Black Friday

As most Southerners already know, Black Friday requires what most hunting expeditions need: focus, strategy and patience.

If you want to be like the serious Black Friday Christmas shoppers, consider these hunting tactics to land the best "game."

--Scout out the land before you take the deer stand.

Go to Black Friday.com to review the big box store advertisements. You'll find when store doors open and the 'doorbuster' deals.

You can also download smartphone apps to scout out the best deals before crouching into position. Just search "Black Friday" in your phone's app store. Scope out which deals you need most, and then plant yourself and family members or friends at the doors so you can divide and conquer.

--Get there early.

You want to be in position before the deer know you're there. Also, you'll want to have the best position before other hunters.

--Dress warm.

You won't necessarily need your camouflage and muckluks, but do bring those hand-warmer packets and blankets if you plan to camp out in line.

--Only shoot what you're going to eat.

In other words, don't buy something just because it's on sale.
Buy what your family members or friends would actually like for Christmas. Or, if it's for you, make sure you actually like that winter coat and that it's your size and you're going to wear it.

--Bring the proper equipment.

Consider comfortable shoes, your shopping list, and a reasonably-weighted purse. If you start with the wrong ammunition, you guarantee the wrong results.

--Don't tell other hunters your strategy.

You wouldn't want folks to go after your deals now, would you? Throw them off the scent.

Speaking of... 

--Use scent-free soap.

You know, so the deer can't pick up your scent.

Oh wait. Just kidding. That's for a different article.


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