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Milledgeville Man Resting After Partial-Leg Amputation | News

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Milledgeville Man Resting After Partial-Leg Amputation

Paul Bales is resting after doctors removed part of his left leg due to a flesh-eating bacteria.

His son, Mike Bales, said (video) he talked to his father and showed him pictures of his grandchildren. (slideshow) 

He said his father is in stable condition and is anxious to get back home.

Doctors removed Paul Bales' left leg below the knee. His son said more amputation may be needed over the weekend, but they're not sure how much.

"He's on a lot of medication so he's in and out, he's able to talk to us, he knew, he knows what's going on," said Mike Bales, Paul's eldest son, about his father's condition. "He know's he's got to have another surgery this weekend to remove even more of his leg because the infection is higher than he thought it was going to be."

Paul Bales contracted the flesh-eating bacteria May 2 after falling on a dock near his home on Lake Sinclair in Baldwin County.

A couple of days later, his leg became painful. He's spent the last two weeks in the Medical Center of Central Georgia.

"They didn't focus in on the leg at that time because his vitals were all out of whack I guess that's from the infection," said Bales. "He was transferred to Macon, that following Sunday he was diagnosed having the flesh eating bacteria."

Bales said his family is anxious for Paul to beat the bacteria. 

"He just wants to get better, he wants to get out of the hospital," said Bales. "I told him that he's got to make it through cause he's got a lot of grand kids to take care of and that's all he wants. "

Mike Bales told 13WMAZ's Austin Lewis that he hasn't been back in the water since.

But he said he would go back into Lake Sinclair, and would let his children back in. He said he doesn't want the lake to get a "bad rap."

He wants his father's story to inspire people to be more safe when dealing with cuts. 

"If you do get cut take care of it immediately, if you experience any kind of pain especially go see your doctor," said Bales. "I think that's what I've learned from it anyway."

EARLIER: Wednesday audio interview with Mike Bales


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