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Baldwin County Rounds Up 30 Drug Suspects | News

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Baldwin County Rounds Up 30 Drug Suspects

More than 30 accused drug dealers in Baldwin County are now in custody.

That's according to Sheriff Bill Massee, who said they rounded up those suspects in a drug sweep overnight and are looking for four or five more.

See the mugshots.

Milledgeville Police Department, Baldwin County Sheriff's Office, and the Ocmulgee Drug Task Force spent more than $5 thousand in street drug purchases.

"It was a great example of all three levels of law enforcement working together to solve a problem," says Police Chief Woodrow Blue.

The investigation lasted 11 months and took 30 accused dealers off the streets.

"It's not just an arrest, but it's what we found out during the investigation, who they're associated with, where they're getting their drugs, where they're selling their drugs," says Sheriff, Bill Massee.

Sheriff Massee says the suspects aren't connected, but says some of the county's biggest pushers are now in custody.

"We kinda thought outside the box on this one. We targeted the downtown area a little bit," says Ocmulgee Drug Task Force Commander, Marc Mansfield.

Mansfield says they arrested several dealers outside a convenience store, and at least two others, college students, selling drugs outside a downtown bar.

Sheriff Massee says one of the men involved in Wednesday night's shooting outside a Milledgeville apartment building is Jarron Torrence. He says they have a warrant out for Torrence's arrest on drug charges. Captain Dray Swicord with the Milledgeville Police Department says the shooting investigation leads them to believe it is drug related.

Massee says they plan to arrest Torrence when he's released from the Medical Center of Central Georgia.

He's hoping the raids keep drugs off the streets.

"It's a national problem. We inherit it here locally, and we're trying to address it," Massee says.

Members of the drug task force say undercover officers purchased powder cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana, and a drug called molly, which they say is a derivative of ecstasy.

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