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Korean War Veterans remember experience | News

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Korean War Veterans remember experience

58,000 Korean War veterans call Georgia home.

Some of them live at the Georgia Veterans home in Milledgeville, and they will be recognized in a ceremony by a representative from the Republic of Korea tomorrow.

The Korean War might have ended more than six decades ago, but for those that fought in it, the memories are still very real and sometimes painful.

"People might mourn and they might cry," says veteran Prather Pitts. "But there was a job that had to be done, and I was willing to do my part. "

Pitts almost made the ultimate sacrifice after surviving a nearly fatal head injury from artillery fire.

"I was hit in the head. It bent the plastic, bent the helmet, and cracked my skull."

For Willie Bailey, the Korean War it was historic in another way.

"Eisenhower signed the paper to integrate the army," explains Bailey. So there would be no more black army and white army, there would be an army. Period. Because we are all fighting for the same country...the United States."

Morris Felder was still stationed in Japan after fighting in World War Two, when he was sent to Korea after war broke out.

"The North and the South fighting one another," he says. "We were on the side of the South and Russia was on the side of the North. It ended in a stalemate."

All of the walking he had to do and the forty below temperatures froze his feet, even though he was wearing boots.

"Last week of November, I got frostbite feet."

Even after that, Felder says he would do it again if he had to.

"I wouldn't hesitate, if I was able and we had a war somewhere, to go back to war again," he says proudly.

They all have different memories, but they share one thing-- they are thankful to be here to tell about it.

"I've been lucky," says Pitts. "I've been lucky."

The ceremony takes place at 2:00 pm, August 25th at the Georgia War Veterans Home in Milledgeville.

The Deputy Consul General of the Republic of Korea will thank the Veterans for their service and distribute copies of the book Korea Reborn: A Grateful Nation Honors War Veterans for 60 Years of Growth, which commemorates the Korean War Military Armistice Agreement.


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