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State patrol to get new semi-automatic rifles | News

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State patrol to get new semi-automatic rifles

In two weeks, all of the troopers at Milledgeville's State Patrol Post 33 will be trained and equipped with new semi-automatic rifles.

Currently, five out of the nine state troopers at Post 33 are trained, certified, and carrying their new M6 semi-automatic rifles for the first time this week.

Sergeant MacKay Bloodworth says these rifles will help in situations where a pistol or shotgun may not be an option. For example, an active shooter situation.

Bloodworth says the older M16 rifles were of the Vietnam era, and needed to be replaced.

He says, "It gives another layer of security not only for us, but for the public as well, I feel a lot better knowing that I have a rifle laying in the seat next to me if I ever need it."

Bloodworth says the rifles will only be used in extreme events such as a hostage situation or an active shooter. Active shooter is a phrase elementary school teachers Kachari Davis and Tonya Jarrett say is heard too often these days.

Jarrett says, "I hate to see our kids possibly having to endure that type of situation, but again it's heartwarming to know that we have trained personnel."

Davis adds by saying, "It just makes me feel more comfortable as a public servant that if something does go down that I am protected, and also that my students, as well as my child being a student in Baldwin County, they are just a little bit more protected."

Bloodworth says these $2,000 rifles did not cost taxpayers a dime.

He says, "We were able to transfer the weapons when Central State Hospital's police department closed, transferring to the department of public safety and that paid for a vast majority of the price of buying these rifles."

The remaining four troopers are said to be trained within the next two weeks, leaving all nine certified and equipped.


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