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Allied Arts teaches kids through theatre | News

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Allied Arts teaches kids through theatre

Ruby Werts is a retired Baldwin County elementary school teacher. She taught music and theater for over 30 years.

She's became a volunteer for the Milledgeville-Baldwin County Allied Arts in the 1980s and still holds camps for them.

"Some of the children in this class have been with me for 3 years, and these are five- and six-year-olds."

She says a goal in her class is letting the children know that they can be themselves.

"Every child needs to be secure in being himself or herself and that's what we learn to do," Werts said, "We learn how to be creative. We do not have to be like everybody else."

Children in her class sing, dance, play with ribbon sticks, and learn to talk to an audience.

"Many children will not talk or participate when they first come, sometimes they may not the first year. The next year, they may," Werts said.

She says although arts programs are being taken away from schools, children can learn a lot from them.

"Children need the arts because they can learn counting, they can learn literature, they can learn math, they can learn everything through the arts," she said, "All the skills that everyone needs to learn, you learn in theatre."

The Milledgeville-Baldwin County Allied Arts are offering several classes over the summer, including drawing and printmaking.

You can find a link to a brochure here.


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