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Toddler drowns in Baldwin County backyard pool

A child drowned in a backyard pool in east Baldwin County.

Baldwin County Sheriff Captain, Brad King, says the department responded to the incident around 5:24 p.m. Friday evening.

Isabella Giles was in the backyard of a house at 124 Brookins Circle in Milledgeville.

According to King, three other children were present as well as a grandfather.

King says only one child lived in the home on Brookins Circle. Giles and the other children were visiting.

Giles allegedly wandered into the pool. She was pronounced dead at Oconee Regional Hospital.

The child was 4 months shy of being 2 years-old.

King says the grandfather was doing a task in the yard when Giles drowned and says the incident seems like a "tragic accident".

King says the department does not anticipate any charges being filed against the adult.

Baldwin considers new property rules

A proposed ordinance could have folks in Baldwin County taking a second look at their homes, businesses, and land.

"I tore it down and then I started working on this one at the corner," that's what neighbor Walter Bland said as he talked about his properties on Barnes Avenue. He said instead of letting everything sit and accumulate, he's being proactive.

He said, "I already tore down one down the street that I have, but I'll agree with it because it makes the neighborhood bad. You got people going in and out sleeping in, using drugs, and everything."

The county commission discussed a proposed ordinance that could fine owners of blighted properties. However, they put it on hold while they create a task force to look at the issue.

County Attorney David McRee says some of the issues they'll look into include:

18 Milledgeville intersections are getting an upgrade

In less than a year, 18 Milledgeville intersections will have a whole new look. They'll also include more pedestrian safety features thanks to $2.8 million from the state Department of Transportation.

Rocks are being dumped, concrete is getting ripped up, and traffic signal poles are getting replaced.

Len Burgamy, is the district engineer for the state, and says the project is about 20% complete.

He says, "The intersections are in need of an upgrade so right now you don't have your ADA compatibility and with this we have a lot of pedestrian traffic in town so it was a good time to upgrade them and also put in the new video cameras to help the traffic flow."

The $2.8 million is 80% federal, and 20% state-funded.

Two central Georgia hospitals announce partnership

The Medical Center of Central Georgia announced a formal partnership with Oconee Regional Medical Center in Milledgeville Tuesday afternoon.

According to Megan Allen, Public Relations Coordinator for the Medical Center of Central Georgia, the alliance will help offer more health services and products to residents in Milledgeville and the surrounding communities.

She says the partnership should also drive down costs to the consumer, because those in the Milledgeville area will no longer need to commute to Macon for a specific service.

The Medical Center of Central Georgia and Oconee Regional began a loose partnership with Stratus Healthcare last year, but Allen says this new move will tighten that collaboration and allow both hospitals to focus on patient access and quality.

State patrol to get new semi-automatic rifles

In two weeks, all of the troopers at Milledgeville's State Patrol Post 33 will be trained and equipped with new semi-automatic rifles.

Currently, five out of the nine state troopers at Post 33 are trained, certified, and carrying their new M6 semi-automatic rifles for the first time this week.

Sergeant MacKay Bloodworth says these rifles will help in situations where a pistol or shotgun may not be an option. For example, an active shooter situation.

Bloodworth says the older M16 rifles were of the Vietnam era, and needed to be replaced.

He says, "It gives another layer of security not only for us, but for the public as well, I feel a lot better knowing that I have a rifle laying in the seat next to me if I ever need it."

UPDATE: Attempted child abductor tried to grab Baldwin Co. kids

Baldwin County authorities said the man they're looking for for attempted child abduction on Thursday, may be the same man who was trying to kidnap children on Easter weekend.

Officials said they received a call from the Harrisburg Road area about a man in a vehicle driving up to juveniles trying to get them to get into his truck.

Baldwin County Sheriff William Massey tells 13WMAZ that on Thursday a 14 year-old girl fought him off. When he tried to abduct a 5th grader, she grabbed him around the neck and told the other kids to run.

Massey said similar incidents occurred around Easter weekend and they believe it's the same man.

He's described as a black male, 5'4", low cut hair, wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

Anyone with information should call 478-445-5102.

Police find wanted suspect in jail

Police find wanted suspect in jail

Baldwin County authorities said they found the Sparta man they were looking for in connection with a burglary and vehicle theft.

Finding him "didn't prove to be too difficult," according to a Milledgeville police news release.

They found Ronald Hyman, 32, in the Wilkinson County jail.

Hyman is accused of breaking into Dollar General in Milledgeville on North Columbia Street on Monday.

On Wednesday, police said he stole a tire delivery truck from Kenny's Complete Auto Care on South Wayne Street.

Through their investigation and looking at surveillance video, police identified Hyman as their man.

He apparently had a run-in with law enforcement in the city of Ivy on unrelated charges and was arrested.

Hyman has several charges pending in Hancock and Baldwin counties and the city of Ivy.