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Man Fighting Flesh-Eating Bacteria Returns Home | Health

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Man Fighting Flesh-Eating Bacteria Returns Home

A Milledgeville man that was first diagnosed with the flesh-eating bacteria in May, finally returns home to his family.

He arrived back at his Lake Sinclair home on Wednesday.

"I am just happy," said Bales. "I am happy to be home, happy to get phone calls from people I love and even people I don't even know I get phone calls from, it's great."

Paul Bales said that he first contracted the bacteria when he scraped his leg on his boat ramp. He said that he doesn't remember too much after that.

"I remember that morning I was going to play golf with some friends of mine," said Bales. "About a week and a half later I remember waking up in the hospital without a leg and I lost about a week and a half to two weeks of my life gone."

Bales said during that time doctors told his sons that he had the flesh-eating bacteria.

"My kids were told that I was going to die, here I am," said Bales. "It would have scared me to death when I was told my dad was going to die and I know how it felt and I know how my boys felt, but they have been tremendous."

Bales said he has spent the past three weeks in rehab, to make his right leg stronger and to let his left leg heal. He will continue to go through rehab at his home.

"You cannot believe how you feel when you have lost part of your body, you know it's gone," said Bales. "It's not coming back and it's hard, it really is hard, but you have to be positive, nothing but positive because you can and will move on."

Bales said that he won't be afraid to go back into Lake Sinclair one day.

"I am going back to the water, one of these days not right now," said Bales. "I want people to know that there's nothing wrong with the water, what's wrong with me, what happened, not treating my leg was my fault."



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