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The State Supreme Court Ruling and Our Educational Choice | Families

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The State Supreme Court Ruling and Our Educational Choice
The State Supreme Court Ruling and Our Educational Choice

Hello, I want to welcome you to Georgia Cyber Academy ( GCA through out article.), our virtual online school. At GCA our Learning Coaches ( what our parents, our at home teachers are called), our certified teachers and our administrators provide us with an exceptional education.

We are taught and treated like we are the only child on earth. We are given one on one lessons in an elluminate room when we are having difficulty with a subject or just need extra help. Our teachers and learning coaches are always available. I have never been told, "no you must wait" or "I am to busy." Classroom overload is not a problem at GCA.

GCA believes in quality education and it's our school's number one priority. Our children's needs come first. They are taught on their level and at their own pace, not on level's determined by some unknown source. The emphasis is put on teaching and what works so that each child is educated to their fullest and best potential.

GCA provides classes, tools and speaker series to help educate parents and learning coaches so that they can be confident in teaching their children to be successful at learning about required subjects as well as the world around them.

At GCA we are taught about community pride, that our communities are only as strong as the citizens who live in it and give back to build stronger communities. Our students and parents are among the first to help in a disaster or reach out a hand where a hand is needed. Our children have been taught to help those less fortunate by collecting, food, clothing, toys and volunteering where they are needed. They are taught about the world around them and that their back yard is world wide.

I know firsthand what education means to GCA. My child was retained this year as he began third grade. He was reading at a 1.5 reading level. That spilled over into his other courses. I am proud to say on his mid-year Scranton test he graded above grade level in reading. He is now reading on grade level with no assistance. This took hard work, dedication and a new innovative reading program called Mark12. GCA'S biggest accomplishment is that no child is deemed unteachable! Every child is given an opportunity to learn. I would venture a guess, that 85% of our students were told at one time or another that they were unteachable by other institutions. That is why most of us chose GCA , as our last hope. It was the greatest decision we have ever made.

GCA has learned what I wish all schools would learn, if it doesn't work throw it out ! They do not wait until an entire class or the whole school fails to admit it doesn't work. It is thrown out immediately if it's shown not to be working. They use a panel made up of educators, administrators, parents and students to base all their decisions, no one is left out.

Would you close GCA? No? Me neither, but if our lawmakers have their way, they will. That is exactly what is going to happen if our lawmakers don't come to an agreement over the State Supreme Courts ruling on the legality of The Charter School Commission.

Shouldn't the most important thing be our children's education and that are educated to the best of their abilities and not so much of how, where and when? What good comes from our children being educated in failing schools or school districts. Shouldn't these falling schools be the ones we are fighting to close? Why would you close a school that has proven it works and it is succeeding?

Aren't we all tax payers? As tax payers and parents shouldn't we be the one's deciding when and where our children are educated?


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