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Georgia College Students Develop E-Textbook | Education

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Georgia College Students Develop E-Textbook

Chuck Puckett's been at the head of a classroom teaching for the last 27 years.

"I think it has a lot to do with making a difference, to feel like what you're doing is important," he said of why he decided to teach.

But he was back in school this summer, in Dr. Chris Greer's Advanced Technology for Teachers course, when he and other graduate students developed an e-textbook.

"When I walked through the door and found out that we were actually going to be creating something in the Mac, so that it could be pulled up for my students to see on their iPads, that was a little daunting at first," he said.

Chris Greer, Associate Professor of Instructional Technology at Georgia College explains where the idea came from.

"I teach these graduate classes on using technology in education and so I just figured what better way to get them experience, than to have them create something that's cutting edge and that can be useful in the classroom."

Greer said the nine students invested hundreds of hours to transform learning from an old paper-bound textbook to the new technology.

"I believe it's the first digital textbook that's been created for the Apple store by graduate students," said Greer.

It's a tool to help teachers learn how to utilize technology in their classrooms, and Greer said so far, more than 2,000 people have downloaded it.

"The playing field is really being leveled now, and we don't have to rely on the textbook manufacturers to create all of our instructional materials anymore," Greer said.

For creators like Puckett, it's an exciting time, where all their hard work can now be a resource for colleagues around the globe.

Greer says each student wrote one chapter of the book.

They developed everything from text to videos and pictures, as well as quizzes and other interactive tools with the the textbook.

Download the book for free in the App Store.

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