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Student group raises money to feed kids in Baldwin County | Community Spirit

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Student group raises money to feed kids in Baldwin County
Student group raises money to feed kids in Baldwin County

A new student organization is gaining momentum this semester in reaching their goal of providing healthy meals to children in Baldwin County schools.

Sophomores Sofia Papa and McKenzie Fisher were inspired to begin Bobcats Against Hunger this past fall, after attending a Hunger Project hosted by Feeding Children Everywhere in September. It was at that event, the two students met Kara Teresi, a GC Alumna and FCE program coordinator.

“The Hunger project in Atlanta had a huge impact on us. In a matter of hours, we walked out and immediately began planning and working out logistics on a napkin we found in Sofia's car,” said Fisher. “We knew we had been truly blessed to stumble upon a project that would make such a positive impact in an aspect of our community that was needed most.”

Bobcats Against Hunger’s goal is to provide 50,000 healthy meals to underprivileged children of Baldwin County Schools. These meals cost 25 cents each and are distributed to children for the weekend.

“We’re hoping to help kids who may not have consistent, reliable access to healthy food. “ said John Bowen, coordinator for leadership programs. “According to a recent report by the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute, that’s more than one in four kids in Georgia.”

Bowen has been pleasantly surprised at the amount of work being done by the student-lead group in such a short amount of time. So far the group has raised over $8,000.  

“I’m just so proud and honored to work with them and be part of this experience and see what our students are capable of when their interests passions, and talents align with opportunity,” said Bowen. “ When all of that comes together it’s amazing and that’s why I love doing what I do—at Georgia College we all get front row seats to these types of student experiences. “

Acts of volunteerism aren’t out of the norm for many Georgia College students, but the task of feeding a child that may otherwise go without, remains to be a thankless deed for many members of the group.

"I think we are all called to help those in need, especially those we live with,” said Kelly Spevacek, freshman and Bobcats Against Hunger member. “Although we don't know personally or exactly who these meals are going to, we can be sure that they will be appreciated.”

Saturday March 29, the group will hold their very own Hunger Project at the Centennial Center. During the event the group and other volunteers will hand-package healthy meals to be distributed to schools across Baldwin County.

“We are hoping that we will be able to reward our volunteers with food and entertainment to make it an even more enjoyable experience with this Hunger Project being hosted at Georgia College,” Papa said. “We know that our Hunger Project will be special because it will be a representation of the strong sense of community that is valued so much here in Milledgeville.”

Papa and Fisher hope that the group continues to grow and becomes a staple of student volunteerism within the community.

“Our hope with our Hunger Project is to be able to take advantage of all that we have learned in order to be successful in making it an annual project,” said Papa.

The group’s current goal for the project is $12,500, but they are hoping to raise more. For more information and to donate to Bobcats Against Hunger go here

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