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Power poles down, yards flooded from winter weather

A Haddock woman says she's happy that a utility pole didn't hurt any of her family members when it fell in her yard this morning.

Denise Brown says the pole fell around 8:30 a.m.

She says there was a loud boom and that the force was so strong it shook the entire house.

Georgia Power crews lifted the pole out of the yard and reconnected nearby power lines.

Brown says that while her family's power wasn't affected, others nearby and in Milledgeville were not so lucky.

She says a crew member told her that the weather in Atlanta was affecting the cleanup in Haddock.

"He said he wasn't for sure, because they were a little short-handed because most of the workers went to the Atlanta area," she said.

A Georgia Power crew member said they had hours of work ahead of them as the storm continues.

Brown also showed our crew a front yard of a house that was so flooded it looked like a lake.

Brown says that her cousin lives in the house with her 3 children.

She says they have to go through the back door to avoid all of the water, and has had this problem every time it rains heavily.

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