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Shots fired at Milledgeville housing complex

The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office is investigating reports of shots fired at a housing complex.

According to an incident report, it happened around 9:30 p.m. Friday at the Milledgeville Manor apartments on South Jefferson Street.

An officer searched the neighborhood but didn't find any victims or shooters.

A short time later, the report says, two people reported damage to cars.

There were no reported injuries.

The sheriff's office says they're investigating whether the case is connected to a wave of drive-bys shootings in Baldwin County and Milledgeville over recent months.


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Milledgeville group combats drive-by shootings

After fifteen drive-by shootings in Milledgeville since July, one group and pastor say they want to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement to end the violence.

The Milledgeville Area Patriots and Northridge Christian Church Pastor Mike Waers sat down with Claire Davis on Monday to tell us how they're planning to do that.

Chair of the Milledgeville Area Patriots, Janice Westmoreland, says the recent string of fifteen drive-by shootings since July are disheartening and shocking. "People are sitting in their homes and their safety is at risk and it's very sad," said Westmoreland.

But she says it's motivating the Patriots to do something. "We need to talk about it. We need to inform people and just be involved in whatever opportunity comes our way," said Westmoreland.

Inside Central State Hospital's history

Central State Hospital in Milledgeville is a product of the 19th century's effort to help care for mentally ill patients. It was once the world's largest mental health hospital. It housed more 12,000 patients in the 1960s.

With so many years gone by and so many stories to tell, what history lies behind these walls?

Baldwin County says 'No' to consolidated government

Editor's note: Consolidation supporter Walter Reynolds told 13WMAZ Tuesday that he planned to put a unification charter on the ballot next year. On Wednesday, Reynolds says he misspoke. He says he expects backers will meet with consolidation opponents in the next year to work out their differences and try to draw up a better charter. He said it may take three to five years to 
a new plan on the ballot and get it approved.


Voters say they do not want the consolidation charter.

64 percent of voters in Milledgeville said 'no' and in the county, 62 percent said 'no' as well.

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The Big Click Photography Contest and Exhibition open December 6

The Big Click Photography Contest and Exhibition open December 6

Allied Arts will be accepting entries for the ninth annual Big Click Photography contest and exhibition Monday, November 16 through Friday, November 20. Photographs and entry forms should be brought to the Marlor House, 201 North Wayne Street, between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:30 pm.
To obtain an official entry form contact Allied Arts by phone at 478.452.3950, by email alliedarts@milledgevillealliedarts.com or visit www.milledgevillealliedarts.com .
The Big Click is open to adult photographers in the middle Georgia area. Film, digital and digitally enhanced images will be accepted. The entry fee is $17.00 for members of the Friends of Allied Arts and $20.00 for non-members and entitles participants to submit a maximum of three entries.
Awards will consist of a First Place award of $100.00, a second place award of $75.00 and a third place award of $50.00.

"Stop the Violence" Halloween Festival to be held in Milledgeville

"Stop the Violence" Halloween Festival to be held in Milledgeville

A "Stop the Violence" Halloween Festival will be held in Milledgeville Saturday.

According to the flyer, it's from noon to 4 p.m. at the Otis Thomas Plaza on North Wilkinson Street.

There will be free hot dogs, drinks, candy, popcorn and more. There will also be a costume contest for kids ages 1 to 8.

For more information, please call Tracy Harper at 478-454-7556.

Industrial company bringing 80 jobs to Baldwin County

About 80 manufacturing jobs are coming to Milledgeville.

A company called Chemtex opened a plant in the Columbia Center, off Highway 441.