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Milledgeville residents want a skate park

Ben Joiner has been skateboarding since he was 8 years old.

"Skateboarding is different than other sports," he explained, "You can never be picked last, you can never be put on the bench."

He and Troy Smith started a "Milledgeville Needs a Skate Park" Facebook page.

The goal is to raise $75,000 for the park and have the Baldwin County Recreation Department match it.

"We want to do an outdoor, public, concrete, free skate park," Joiner said.

Smith says he and Joiner built a skate park in 1998 out of wooden boards, only for it to be taken down by the city for safety concerns.

"Skateboarding is a lot more popular now, and it's on TV everywhere, so I think it would catch on quick," he said.

Solomon Mosely lives in California, but grew up in Milledgeville and says a skate park for the city can do more than just provide entertainment.

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Police: Burglar entered Milledgeville Mall through roof

Police say they're looking for a burglar who reportedly entered the Milledgeville Mall by rappelling down through a skylight.

Detective Scott Goodwin said it happened around 5:00 a.m. Thursday.


The suspect lowered himself on a rope that was tied to a rafter and seemed to fall part of the way down.

He says the burglar ripped back the lower window pane at Kay Jewelers. The suspect made it inside the store, but apparently got scared off when an alarm sounded, leaving empty-handed.

Former property manager of Milledgeville complex arrested for burglary

The former property manager of the Pecan Hills Apartment complex has been arrested for burglary.

Holland Rhyne is accused of keeping a set of keys to the complex after quitting her job more than a year ago. Residents of the complex followed Rhyne when she returned and saw her enter the laundry room and take all of the coins out of the machines, according to a Milledgeville police news release.

2nd suspect arrested in 2013 Milledgeville armed robbery

A second suspect has been arrested in connection to the 2013 armed robbery of a Millegeville convenience store.

According to Major Reggie Hill of the Milledgeville Police Department, on Wednesday, investigators arrested 30-year-old Tabius Diunite Ellis, and charged him with armed robbery.

The first suspect, 40-year-old Ernest Greene Jr. of Atlanta was arrested in August 2013, after a search warrant execution on his home turned up a sawed-off shotgun that was stolen from Baldwin County. Greene was charged with armed robbery, 2-counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime possession of a sawed off shotgun, theft by receiving stolen property, obstruction of an officer and giving false statements.

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Milledgeville and Baldwin Co. closer to consolidation

Milledgeville and Baldwin County are one step closer to becoming a unified government.

A consolidation bill yesterday passed through the Georgia Senate after passing the House earlier this month.

Under House Bill 67, the two would become one.

Even though the legislation had a lot of opposition from city officials, the bill made it through the General Assembly.

Now, Governor Nathan Deal can sign off on it or veto it.

Under the new government, people would elect their commissioners, mayor, and vice mayor.

Ethics report criticizes Milledgeville city manager

An ethics professor's report says Milledgeville's city manager should be reprimanded, censured or asked to resign.

The report says manager Barry Jarrett acted against the public's best interest, when he urged city council members to punish a bank president who wrote a critical letter to the editor.

On a tape of their conversation, Jarrett says, "What's wrong with retaliation? That's the way you do business."

The council later voted to pull $5 million out of the Century Bank & Trust.

Ga. Military College partners with Middle Ga State

A new partnership between Georgia Military College and Middle Georgia State means some students are eligible for automatic college acceptance.

The president of Georgia Military College, Lieutenant General William Caldwell, and president of Middle Georgia State College, Dr. Christopher Blake, signed an agreement Tuesday afternoon.

The agreement between the two schools allows students from GMC to apply associate degree credits from their classes to have more advanced standing or transfer into Middle Georgia State.

Students can be automatically accepted to Middle Georgia as long as they maintain a 2.0 grade point average.

The school presidents hope this partnership will put more students on track to getting a four-year degree.