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Milledgeville deadly snake hunt continues

Freddie Hartry says he's lived in Milledgeville his whole life.

But he says ever since a deadly gaboon viper was reportedly seen last week, people are nervous.

"It shocked the whole neighborhood. You know, it's a dangerous thing," he said. "Right now, the neighborhood, they're still watching, they still looking."

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Venomous snake possibly sighted in Milledgeville


A woman says she saw a deadly venomous snake two days ago in Milledgeville.

Lora Brown, who reported the sighting, says she saw the reptile crossing the street.

"I saw a snake crawling on the road, and I stopped on the road to look to see if I was seeing what I was seeing, and I took a picture with my phone," said Brown.

According to Mark McKinnon with the Department of Natural Resources - Law Enforcement Division, a gaboon viper was seen near the intersection of Hairwood Drive and Harrisburg Road. McKinnon said the snake is not native to Georgia.

Baldwin County investigating seven drive-by shootings


Baldwin County investigators say a string of seven drive-by shootings in eight days may be gang related.

The latest happened Tuesday night on Harrisburg Road, where one person was hit. The shooters fired at eight different homes, according to Capt. Brad King of the sheriff's office. He says most of those homes were not the target. He believes the shootings are linked and says his team is busy gathering evidence.

"We collected 50 or 60 Shell casings. We've recovered projectiles from eight different houses. Each of these homes were occupied. Sometimes with as many as nine people," said King.

Oconee Regional appoints new interim CEO

Randall Hoover has been selected as interim CEO of Oconee Regional Medical Center in Milledgeville.

That's according to a news release. The release says Hoover's starting date is Monday.

Hoover has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare administration and served as CEO in hospitals in Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas.

This comes after the hospital paid former CEO Jean Aycock more than $350,000 to resign, according to a separation agreement. Aycock resigned amid financial problems that recently led to about a dozen layoffs.

Last year, Oconee partnered with Navicent Health, which helps manage the hospital. Recently, the public and some doctors have complained about cuts at the hospital and Navicent's role.

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Gary Thrower wins in Milledgeville mayoral election

UPDATE 10:13 P.M:

It took less than an hour for Baldwin County Board of Elections to count the votes in the race for Milledgeville Mayor.

Gary Thrower beat former Mayor Floyd Griffin, 50.78% to 49.22%. The actual numbers show just how close the vote was 1,134 votes for Thrower to 1,099 votes for Griffin. A difference of just 35 votes.

Thrower was emotional when he heard the results and celebrated with friends and family. He says he's looking forward to taking office and moving Milledgeville into the future. "Try to build trust with the existing council. Hopefully let them know that I'm here to work with them as a teammate. I want them to trust me and I want to be able to trust them," said Thrower.

Thrower says bringing economic development to the city is also on the top of his list.

Several cars burned in Milledgeville fire

Milledgeville police responded to a call in the 1400 block of North Columbia Street on Sunday night. According to a post on the department's Facebook page, several cars were on fire near a vacant building. The building also was damaged.

Milledgeville and Baldwin County fire departments extinguished the blaze.

It's unknown what caused the fire and the investigation was turned over to the fire department, according to the Facebook post.


Pastor warns: Choose contractors carefully

ID=29888321Solid Rock Outreach Ministry Pastor Valina Reeves says their building caught fire on April 1. Fire officials said the cause was lightning. After her insurance settlement came through, Reeves hired a contractor to rebuild.

"Next thing I know is that they took me," Reeves says. "They was trying to get every penny they could out of me, you know, and that hurts me. Being a woman, I didn't know didn't know any better. I thought I could trust them."